• April 20 2017

Sani Gourmet 2017: Rising Stars Part Two

The year 2017 continues the successful concept “Rising Stars - a taste of future” as the annual internationally-renowned gastronomic festival will, once again, bring together the finest chefs from Greece and around the globe.

Sani Gourmet 2017 is dedicated to young chefs whose hard work has recently paid off with prestigious awards and accolades including a first Michelin star, as well as up-and-coming chefs whose talent is expected to shine in the culinary world. During Sani Gourmet 2017, the cosmopolitan restaurants of Sani Resort will host 8 talented chefs from Greece and around the world.

Visitors to Sani Gourmet will have the opportunity to enjoy the guest chefs’ exceptional menus; an experience we hope will be talke about for years to come.