• May 28 2015

mission: Relax!

The Sani Beach Experience

The services at the Sani Resort have always been something special, above and beyond what guests ever expected.

One of our services, the Sani Beach Experience, is the best possible way to enjoy the sun and sea of the Kassandra peninsula.

The experience begins when you choose your recliner.  Awaiting you on the chair are soft, new towels, and luxury mattresses for absolute comfort. The supply service is at hand all day if anything needs changing, or if you want anything else. Games and beach accessories for children are available at the Porto Sani Village, the Sani Asterias Suites and on the Sea You beach. But best of all are the Beach Buddies, cheerful young people ready to satisfy your every desire, discreetly and courteously bringing cool, refreshing drinks and snacks with fresh summer flavours (grilled haloumi cheese with mushrooms and dressing, or Greek salad with pita bread and soft goat’s cheese – and a host of other choices), freshly-squeezed fruit juices and cocktails, all just a moment away! Special kiosks are at hand, one for each 100 beach chairs, to ensure instant service! And a lifeguard is always on duty so parents can let their children play safely. And if they want to stroll down to the Marina for a drink, then there’s the Babewatch service offering child-minding entirely free for 30 minutes! Why not take advantage of the service to treat yourself to an improvised beauty cure, reinvigorating body and mind? All the materials you need are readily available; all it takes is a little ingenuity.

Another idea: collect some wet pebbles and place them between your toes, and then press some more gently on your legs, knees, arms and shoulders – your own personal reflexology treatment! If you suffer from slack skin and cellulite in your stomach and thighs, try a walk in shallow water – with the water coming up precisely to the part of your body you want to work out. The water will give you a fantastic massage. Another idea: take some sand and rub it lightly across your face to remove dead skin cells; then immediately apply some sun cream, which will be absorbed very effectively and give you maximum protection from the sun. Remember what you absolutely must have with you on the beach: sun protection for face and body, with a special product for the area around the eyes and lips, oisturizing water spray for immediate refreshment, hair gel or oil with UVB protection, because your hair, too, can be damaged by the sun. And, of course, a hat and sunglasses; these are essential even if you are sitting under a parasol.


Holidays are the perfect opportunity to work on your looks. And the best time to visit a spa is when you are just a stone’s throw from the best spa there is! My Spa at Sani Beach Hotel, the Spa Suite at Porto Sani Village and Club Spa at the Sani Beach Club are absolute musts after exposure to the sun. Try a cucumber mask – wonderfully refreshing after a session on the beach. At the Spa Suite at Porto Sani Village they offer an ice treatment for the face, while the Express Radiance ice cubes from top French cosmetics brand Anne Semonin tauten up the skin and give the face a lovely, youthful glow.