• June 1 2015

Made in GREECE

Unique products made in Greece

Creative agencies in Athens and Thessaloniki are responsible for the packaging and presentation of Greek products, helping them gain the recognition they deserve in the international market place.  

Plump olives, rich, green olive oil, fragrant honey, local wines, fresh cheeses and yoghurts – all products of the sunny climate and fertile soil of Greece. These are the passport to foreign markets for Greek business, making our country more competitive as they gain recognition and respect among foreign consumers. Their key strength is their authenticity, a message conveyed to customers around the world through the creative skills of our country’s graphic designers, who bring their own unrivalled sense of style to the processing of Greek goods, designing packaging that carries a guarantee of high quality. 

In recent years many Greek products with a rich tradition behind them have been marketed with pride in and knowledge of their place of origin. But in the modern world, to market these goods to foreign consumers, with their complex preferences and wide cultural diversity, requires the creation of a product identity which will take account of the purchaser’s needs and the producer’s development prospects. Every market has its own language of communication, with its own unique features; the mature markets of western Europe, for example, are very different from the emerging markets of China and Brazil. 

It is the olive oil and wine industries which have always led the way in innovative packaging design, mainly because of the volume of their exports. But their dominance has recently been challenged by the natural cosmetics sector, with strategic moves by Apivita and Korres companies to design striking and attractive packaging for their products, thereby going on to win huge markets abroad. These products take their inspiration and ingredients from the rich diversity of Greek herbs, with their remarkable healing properties, and the jars and labels designed for the two companies by dkd studio and k2design respectively have given a new impulse to communication design, raising to new levels the profile of packaging for products marketed abroad.

Smaller producers and cooperatives have gradually begun to employ handmade, unprocessed materials for the goods they sell, conveying the message that these are products grown and prepared with love and care. The emphasis has been on minimalist designs and a neutral colour pallet, conveying a message of simplicity to match the natural ingredients of the product. At the same time, striking, original and easily legible fonts have been used to make the products stand out on crowded supermarket and pharmacy shelves, ensuring the products gain the recognition they deserve.

But it is in the olive oil sector that the most substantial advances have been made. Ultra-premium virgin olive oil, in personally signed gift wrappings, in tiny bottles decorated with valuable crystals, like expensive perfumes, or in long, narrow, metal containers designed for longer life and ease of use – these are just some of the innovations in Greek packaging. And they have earned any number of awards for the design offices in Thessaloniki and Athens which came up with the new ideas. At the same time, there has been a steady rise in the export of Greek products. Sereal Designers, Mousegraphics, Designers United, Red Creative, Beetroot, Red Fish, Colibri, Bob Studio, Design Bond, 2yolk, Busy Building – just some of the creative agencies shaping the way Greek products are sold and seen abroad. A wide range of stylistic choices – clear fonts, retro style, Greek colours and stylized illustration – are used on labels and packaging to create and highlight a unique profile for products made in Greece.