• August 7 2015

Sani Green

Introducing Sani Green

Sani Resort is an ecological reserve, distinguished by its unrivalled natural beauty. We have appointed sustainability as a fundamental aspect of our vision, while concurrently offering hospitality of outstanding quality at all four of its luxury hotels.

Sani Green is the name given to our sustainability programme that stands as a cornerstone of the Company’ s vision. Sani Resort seeks to reduce its energy footprint by way of initiatives, including the use of solar and thermal recovery systems, water recycling for its gardens, and waste reduction. The waste produced is recycled to the tune of 35% (paper, glass, aluminium, batteries, electrical appliances and spent candles), while used cooking oil is converted into biofuel. Furthermore, we lay stress on the creation of a more sustainable supply chain, making provision for at least 60% of our fruit and vegetables to come from the local and home market, working together with our suppliers to reduce waste, the moment that we also prefer to hire personnel from the local workforce.

The Sani Green programme also extends to the protection of the Sani woodlands and wetlands by means of a network of collaborations. To enable them to become acquainted with the biodiversity that encompasses the resort, visitors may participate in a variety of initiatives: from the facility to recycle in their rooms, to maps being supplied for them to explore, accompanied by our eco-guide, the woodland paths and the wetlands. They may also participate in Eco Days, held on a weekly basis and dedicated to the nature, traditions and produce of Halkidiki, with the organization of visits to a local farm being on the agenda.

Finally, the Sani Adventure and Explorer ecological education programme offers outdoor activities, specially designed for children and teenagers.

Find out more info at: www.sanigreen.gr