• August 7 2015

Sani wetlands

The natural treasure of Sani Resort

Sani resort is adjacent to the Sani wetlands, a Natura European Network area of Protected Natural Beauty.  With an area of approximately 110 hectares, the wetlands are home to over 214 species of birds – almost half the total of bird species found in the whole of Greece – with many of them rare and globally endangered.

Sani has partnered with the Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS), the Birdlife International local affiliate, in implementing a monitoring programme for the birds and their habitat, as well as taking action in preserving vulnerable species. With the help of HOS birdwatching routes were established and sign-posted, with placards providing information about the biodiversity to hundreds of birdwatchers and local school children that visit. All guests will find a copy of the Sani Wetlands book in their room, which outlines the aims of the project and showcases the spectacular wildlife of the lakes, as well as the suggested maps and routes for birdwatching. Sani has also published a fairy tale book, Hermes the Black-Winged Stilt, available in selected rooms and for purchase, with all proceeds donated to the Hellenic Ornithological Society.

Sani also helps to organize public events, such as Eurobirdwatch, that takes place in the Sani Wetlands every year. Bird watching trips to the wetlands are offered by bike or on foot for guests and local school visits are also organized and hosted throughout the year.

At the Sani Marina, the Hellenic Ornithological Society runs a stand, that offers information on the biodiversity of the area, an interactive experience with the sounds of birds, as well as environmental educational games for children every afternoon.

Sani invites guests to also voluntarily contribute to the project by contributing one euro upon check out, which the company then doubles. This funds a continuous project to ensure the protection of the area. A blog is maintained by Sani, reporting on new species and developments in the wetlands at saniwetlands.gr.