• March 11 2016

The alchemist

Aristotelis Papadopoulos is a superb mixologist and holder of the global title of Best Bartender World Class.

He is considered by many to be the “Greek Guru of Cocktails”. Aristotelis is not a run of the mill cocktail mixologist or bartender who makes the ordinary cocktails. If he had lived in the New York of the 1870s he would have invented the Manhattan and for sure if he lived in Hollywood his would have been the Cosmopolitan as the signature cocktail of the famous ‘Sex and the City’ series. Indeed, it is our good fortune that he was born in Thessaloniki, where he still lives and works, studied in London at WSET (London Wine and Spirit School) and has worked as a bartender and mixologist for over 30 years. With his home city as his base, he has “taken off” worldwide, having on two occasions won the Greek national competition, and he has successfully represented his country as a member of the Greek Barmen`s Association, being a prize-winner in two international competitions. He was awarded for his fifth place in the Lisbon World Championship in 1998; and placed sixth in the Puerto Rico World Championship. Representing Greece in 2009, he contested and won the title of Best Bartender of the Year World Class in London. Following these successes, he has gained recognition worldwide, and offers his services as a judge in national and international competitions throughout the world. 

For Sani Resort, Aristotelis has created six signature cocktails at Porto Sani Village, giving them whimsical names like “Forbidden”, “After Earth” and “Silky Roads” (to honour the theme of Sani Gourmet 2015); cocktails using as their basic ingredients Greek spirits and herbs at the Sani Beach Club, including “Homer Crust” and “All That Greece”. At the Sea You bar he has put together the most sensational cocktails utilizing Japanese ingredients to produce, for example, “Wasabi Fields”, “Shiso”, and “Mr Mr. Shuichi”; while he has upgraded the already existing list at the Water Bar.

Tip: Ask for “French 75” champagne cocktail, produced with champagne, gin, lemon juice, cointreau and sugar. Even if he is not there personally to prepare it for you, still ask for this cocktail. It is really worth enjoying together with the Sani Resort sunset and your loved one.