• September 23 2015


Philosophy of food

The gastronomic journey to Tomata begins with the starting line being the influences of the past and terminating at the current gastronomic approaches. Here, tradition becomes the basis for the development of a philosophy with a modern stigma and viewpoint; which, in plain words, means a cuisine based on seasonal and local produce, coming from within a 100 mile radius of the consumption point: an international trend with an ecological dimension and manifest economic ramifications, since emphasis is placed on the local market which, in this way, can be significantly bolstered.

Tomata is not an ordinary restaurant, but an interactive dinner table where the participants may make their own salads, selecting the fresh greens that are to their liking from neighbouring gardens, accompanied by pure Greek olive oil, home-made spreads, and fresh herbs and spices; while the children are being taught about proper nutrition and then select their dish from a special list where the basic ingredients take pride of place.

Welcome to Tomata. This is where eating is an aesthetic fiesta, replete with the aromas and colours of food, during times when, more than ever, there is a need for inspiration.

To be more particular, the basic products we use are:

Veal from Mr. Zagoriti who rears the blonde cattle breed

• Halkidiki chickens from a small producer

• Pork also from a small producer

• Biological tomato paste and sauce

• Fish and shell-fish of Halkidiki

• Sea bass and gilthead bream from Halkidiki

• Biological grape-juice syrup

• Halkidiki olives