• April 8 2016

Sani Vistas

The beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder, but it very much helps knowing where to look. Sani Resort is an eye candy standing proud over the Aegean, featuring some breathtaking vistas.
Halkidiki is world-famous for its green hills dotted with pine trees, rolling gently down the slopes all the way to the coastline. Finest place for experiencing the magic blend of green, blue and azure, subliming into the horizon are the off-the-beaten-path spots in the Sani  Club. Start with the corner at the Archery court opposite the Gate and take a moment to appreciate the striking blue reflection coming from the offing. Being away from the main attractions and covered in pine needles, cones and seeds, this special corner is one of the most serene scenic spots of the Resort.
Once in Sani Club and on the hunt for the perfect seaside panoramas, do not hesitate to step on the Siviri hiking route. Follow the forest path along the cliffs for the next 5 kilometers as it winds through the woods, overlooking the magnificent waters of the Aegean. Occasional stops and picnics benches are there too – make sure to ask at the Guest relations or Sani VIP services for a snack box.
Fancy a double blue? A place where nothing but a blue sea and a blue sky meet and where the gaze goes wild catching the sun reflections on the water surface? Sani Beach's Bousoulas Beach Bar is set on the sandy cascades – perfect spot for unobstructed views towards the Big Blue.
The story of the 1001 nights starts at the Asian restaurant, serving an eclectic mix of exotic flavours of the Orient. See the busy nautical side of the Sani Marina as the marvelous yachts wriggle in the Marina Bay, open the sails and slide out to the open sea. 
The best platform for full frontal sunsets is again at the Sani Club. Head outside on the whitewashed veranda of the Lounge bar, grab a frosty cocktail and witness the dramatic colors as the sun goes behind the horizon.  

Tip: Brand new Two-Bedroom Family Suites with Private Pool in Sani Club are set in the prime position, overlooking the Cape Sani. Besides bringing the luxury experience of Mediterranean holiday to another level, these suites offer some of the best views in the Resort.