• April 27 2016

Walk on the wise side

The ancient Greeks believed that the world is made up of 4 elements: FireAirWater and Earth. Aristotle, student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great, added Aether. The 5th element represents the secret of the world's existence, the intangible, incorruptible and unchangeable energy that binds the other elements. It is the catalyst that connects and balances everything, creating harmony and balance.
On the occasion of the 2,400th anniversary of Aristotle's birth in Ancient Stagira, and the official proclamation of 2016 and 2017 as “Aristotle Anniversary Years” by UNESCO, the Tourism Organisation of Halkidiki is developing the “FIFTH ELEMENT”, a program of events and activities that aims to initiate visitors into the mystery of the FIFTH ELEMENT, help them come closer to the essence of their existence, their own “AETHER”, through a more profound contact with the other four elements.

This is the Aristotelian “Quintessence” of life that visitors of Halkidiki will enjoy through a wide range of experiences over two consecutive years.

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