• June 7 2016

Your first visit at Sani Resort

10 things you must not miss!

10 things you must not miss!

Morning coffee at Bousoulas Beach, followed by a morning dip.

Breakfast or dinner at the  Ammos at the Sani Beach. Also an excellent venue for a pre-dinner drink.

A reviving fruit juice made to order at Sea Breeze, or a healthy lunch at Lagoon, both in the Porto Sani.

A meal at Tomata, Ergon, Vosporos, Psaroyannos or Alexis’ – the best of New Greek Cuisine.

Cocktails at sunset on Bousoulas Beach, at Sea You in the Sani Marina or Dunes at the Sani Club.

A romantic dinner for two on Bousoulas Beach or at the private beach of Sani Asterias.

Our Asian restaurant & the Japanesse Katsu, bringing the exotic aromas and flavours of the Orient to Sani Marina. 

At least one concert in the Sani Festival programme on the Sani Hill.

A walk through the Sani Wetlands or along the forest paths near the Sani  Club.

A relaxing treatment at one of the resort’s 4 spas. Must do: a session at the open-air spa on Sani Hill  – massage by the shores of the Aegean!

Enjoy the Sani side of life.