• June 28 2016

Along with Aristotle

On the occasion of the 2,400th anniversary of Aristotle's birth in Ancient Stagira, and the official proclamation of 2016 and 2017 as “Aristotle Anniversary Years” by UNESCO, Sani VIP Services provides guests an incredible chance to discover the birthplace of Aristotle in Stagira.

Driving through mountains and forests you will visit Ancient Stagira where you will also have the chance to visit the walls of the city rebuilt by King Phillip II in return of Aristotle’s tutoring to his son Alexander the Great. On this excursion, you will also discover the aspects of Aristotle’s consistent work in logic by visiting Aristotle’s park, situated in the contemporary village of Stagira; in its extended form, the route includes one last stop at the village of Arnea - the compact residential complex – landmark of traditional architecture of the Halkidiki area.