• July 15 2016


Reckless exposure to the sun can do serious damage to your health and that’s why experts advise caution; however, we should never forget that the sun is also a source of life – we just need to enjoy it in moderation. The sun has six key benefits for our health – both mental and physical – and beauty.

Sunshine & Happiness
Summer tends to make us feel much better about things – and that’s partly because the sunshine stimulates the production of neuro-transmitters, substances in the brain which affect our mental state: endorphins, our organism’s natural painkillers, serotonin, the hormone linked with mood, and melatonin, which helps us enjoy untroubled sleep.

A Better Complexion
The sun’s rays help to kill micro-organisms and cleanse the skin, returning the production of sebaceous substances to normal levels so that spots tend not to form. People suffering from acne should sun-bathe, in moderation, during their holidays use a good sun protection product, but one which isn’t too high in fats and will not make the skin greasy.

Stronger Bones    
Sunshine helps the body assimilate vitamin D, essential for our natural defences, and especially valuable for the muscles and bones. It helps restore the calcium levels in our bones, bringing relief from the problems with our joints that we may have experienced during the winter months.

Fighting Eczema Psoriasis
Sunbathing is an excellent traditional method, still recommended today, for combating skin conditions like psoriasis, an ailment which can affect large areas of skin, as well as atopic eczema and pitiriasis (areas of lighter-coloured skin caused by a fungal infection).

Healthy Hair
The ultraviolet rays of the sun, in combination with the cleansing effect of seawater, counteract problems with the scalp and hair, helping to improve the appearance of the hair even when we suffer from dandruff or greasy hair. The essential thing is always to rinse your hair with fresh water when you come out of the sea.

A Healthier Heart
Sunlight helps to expand the arteries – an enormous benefit for those whose arteries are hardened and blocked and are therefore at high risk of a heart attack. However, you must be cautious about how long you stay in the sun and make sure your body temperature remains constant, otherwise you will be placing an extra burden on your heart