• August 25 2016

'Facing the hill'

Dionisis Savopoulos - Eleni Vitali

The music encounter of last winter, which excited the public and the experts, not only as musical performance but also as a new artistic proposal, has been reinvented especially for the Sani Festival!

With the title ‘Facing the hill’, the music performance will feature a beloved songs by Dionisis Savvopoulos, in his unique way. The leading singer meets on stage with the great folk singer, Eleni Vitali 'a force of nature' as he says.  It is about a collaboration of historic significance that raises the pulse of emotion and creates feelings of excitement and uplifting.

Two artists, two paths, two veterans - meet on stage in a historical representation which we will remember forever.

On Saturday 20 of August, they show up together on the Sani Hill with a program tailored to the aesthetic tradition of the elegant Sani Festival.

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