• September 7 2016


Whenever and wherever I travel I always like to do it with style, but this is kind of subjective right? So when I say style there are a few things that come to my mind such as being comfy during a flight and definitely having a vast selection of destinations that I can choose from. Also important is the treatment that you get as customer, are you generally satisfied from the airline that you usually choose to fly with?

 Aegean Airlines offers you that special treatment, all the above mentioned and much more, that is why I always travel with them. One of the things I like most about Aegean is their Greek unique ambience, they provide travellers with endless experiences and limitless choices of destinations within Greece and all around Europe. They offer all their customers with a unique taste of Greece in each flight. Their friendly and experienced staff members, from the check-in desk to end of the flight, will accommodate you the best way possible.

 Moreover, I know that travelling with the whole family can get a bit boisterous sometimes- not to worry- Aegean has thought about that too! The program, “Aegean for Families” is crafted around all needs that can come up during travel with children and how to make your journey more enjoyable and serene. Read about the bundle of services designed for families in their user-friendly site: Aegean for Families

My family and I travelled during August to Crete, which was coincidentally the destination that Aegean chose to give tribute – as they do every month with different destinations around Greece – during the flight we were indulged in tasting some of Crete’s traditional delicacies such as mini pies with stuffed with greens and goat cheese. Delicious!! Don’t miss this opportunity to live the unique travelling experience Aegean is offering. Choose your destination and book a flight!